Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forgetting Winter’s Frost

Breath Thirteen:

Lately, I’ve been off the blogging circuit.  No reason, just not motivated.  Like many of my friends I have been hibernating from Wisconsin winter just a bit too long.  A sense of dread has grown within me as I continued to watch each downy flake float from the March sky.  I have to say, I think we are all in absolute agreement, we are ready for spring.  I actually enjoy having all of the seasons.   I still get a thrill when sledding top speed down a hill (well…maybe I’m a tiny bit nervous that I will crash into a small child), feel accomplished when I successfully ice skate without a spill, and am awed by the snow forts, sculptures, and snow people that are constructed.  However, we have had ample opportunity to engage in these winter activities and now it is time for the spell of the white witch to be lifted and to free Narnia from winter. 

Well, we aren’t in Narnia, and spring will eventually come.  Besides, this is a self-designated whine free zone.  I don’t let my children whine, so I shouldn't either.   I would rather share how I have survived the winter time blues.  I recently attended a meeting where the ice breaker question posed was, “What have you been doing to relax and de-stress this winter?”  Well, at the beginning of winter there was the excitement of the holidays, then there was the snow play and ice skating.  Now months later the motivation gone, I have gone into hibernation mode and have been watching waaay too much television and obsessing over Facebook and Pinterest.  This seems to me a very unhealthy state to remain in, and very embarrassing to admit. (It was especially embarrassing to admit to a group of educators! Although I do read for relaxation too, just thought I’d throw that in for good measure.)  Here I limit my children’s screen time, yet I indulge way too much after they are in bed. 

Ways I am now going to de- stress:

1)  Wii Zumba (I know, I know, it’s screen time),

2) Add a weekly outing to our regular routine, like simply going to the library and getting out of the house. 

3) Taking a bath in the evenings, even if my tub is tiny and my knees jut out.

4) Plan my gardening adventures

5) Light a candle in the evening

6) Surround myself with lovely green house plants

7) Sit on my kitchen floor in the sun

8) Write on my blog

9) Plan a trip, dream vacation or an actual vacation

10) Transport myself to a different climate with a good book

What are you doing to survive winter and de-stress?

Now time for my nightly relaxation!  I am dreaming of summer. I think I might add a raised garden bed on the side of the house.  Upcycle the pickets from my sister, I wonder what should I plant there…