Saturday, December 19, 2015

'Tis the Season for a Breath and Maybe It's Time I Start Writing Again.

Breath Fifteen:

I think it's been three years since I have written.  Actually, I've written, just mostly for my third graders whom I've been teaching these past years.  I wondered if I should start a new blog.  I've changed, and my opinions have shifted and evolved.  I guess that happens over time, so I might as well acknowledge my past self.  Why start writing again you ask?  Well, I could tell you I was inspired by an amazing piece of literature, or touched by a life changing experience, but that would be a lie.  I was actually binge watching two shows- "Jane the Virgin" and "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce."  Both happen to feature writers as the main characters.  I like what I like.  I am cheesy, enjoy drama and romance, and I get to practice my Spanish.  There is an art to making television, so I'll now tell people I was inspired by art.

I was also recently thinking how teaching and motherhood require that I spend all day giving and that  maybe I need a little time to breathe.  I feel rewarded by wins of the day and when my students or my own children succeed, but what about when their failures and troubles become more prevalent than their successes?  How do I stay positive and not downtrodden?  How do I support them and strive to see the positive and the good?  It's a struggle with the state of education (a topic which deserves its own blog post).  Apparently I needed a telenovela to show me I needed a moment for myself.  Here is my moment.
It's the time of year when I need to come up for air to breathe.  The holiday season is in full swing.  Family and friends are nailing down times to celebrate. Wrapping. baking, shopping, and traditions fill up every free moment.  I honestly got physically anxious when preparing for the black Friday sales with my sister.  Afterwards I was even jealous of my friend's great deals from Toys R US.  (We did not shop there.)   I hate to miss a bargain.  A little embarrassing, I know, but honest.  I always end up having fun, although I admit resorting to "self-talk" to calm down my level of intensity.

I continue to learn a number of calming techniques from staff at my school. Yesterday in fact, I learned a new drawing and breathing strategy from the Occupational Therapist that visits my classroom.  It involved an infinity symbol. Inhale for one half of the infinity symbol and exhale as you draw the second half.  Breathing techniques are often utilized in my classroom and at home.  We
often breath as a whole class.  In through the nose, out through the mouth.  A cleansing breath, a calming breath.  Frederick practices blowing out candles (his fingers) for calming techniques at home.  It seems to really slow things down for us all.

School and my life has been at full throttle lately, and I hardly had a moment to catch my breath, so here is my moment.  Now that I'm on winter vacation, I can breathe for a full two weeks. I'm going to write and breathe. I will need to remember to breathe as Christmas approaches.  I still need to buy a few more gifts, wrap, go caroling, visit the capital tree, tour area light displays, watch all the holiday and Star Wars movies with my kids and bake, bake, bake. Inhale...Exhale...Inhale...Exhale...
Happy Holidays my friends!