Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Breath Fourteen:

I am a gardener by default.  My parents are gardening enthusiasts and as a result my sister and I have inherited the bug.  Mine remains in check as I balance children.  Yet, since they were babies, Lee, Frederick, and Jane have helped me dig in the dirt, pull weeds (occasionally flowers), water plants and one another.  Who doesn't love to spray their kids with the hose for a little pay back?  However, watch your back because the children relish in finding a free hose.  While we are full swing in the gardening season, the kids are completing another season of growing at school.   

Similar to slow and steady growth that occurs in the garden, my own children have continued to mature, grow, and flourish.  It is bittersweet. My pride blooms as they have become confident readers (Jane), curious historians (Lee), and language explorers (Frederick).  My babies are finishing third grade, first grade, and preschool.  It is inevitable, I will cry.  In fact, I already have three times since I started this paragraph.  (Hopefully most of the tears will be shed privately at home and not publicly the last days of school.)  You know, growing children is exhausting and hard, yet infinitely rewarding.  Sometimes I have to weed out bad behaviors and divide siblings up.  But I also get to shower them with exciting experiences.  I get to transplant them and travel to exciting places.  And, I get to cover them with literature and love. 

This was a long winter of dormancy for my yard.  But my Lee, Jane, and Frederick grew steadily and are thriving. So, I will continue to sow seeds, experiment with plants, and care for my garden. 

Tell me, how does your garden grow? 

Mine grows ever so beautifully, even if I do say so myself.